This customisation allows you to show a list of your galleries that you've recently uploaded photos to, sorted by date. Here's what the activity log looks like for my website:

Recent activity


The activity log is based on the newest 200 images uploaded to your site, so galleries that were updated before those were uploaded will not be listed. The log is only regenerated every 30 minutes, so any changes made in the last 30 minutes may not appear yet.


This customisation requires that you have feeds turned on in your SmugMug account settings: Click on your profile icon at the top right, then click Account Settings. Go to the Privacy tab and turn on "Feeds".
In the SmugMug customiser, add a "Socal / Feed" content block to your page. Set the title to something (like "Recent activity"), set Show Title and Show Date to "off", and Show Description to "on". For the feed URL, paste this into the box:
At the end of that link (after where it says "url="), paste a link to your SmugMug site on the end. For example, for my site it would be:


To format the listing properly, add this CSS code as a CSS content block on your page:
By default, SmugMug feed blocks have a very large margin underneath. You can remove that by adding this CSS:


By default, the last 10 distinct days of activity are shown, with activity no older than 365 days. You can tweak those limits by adding parameters to the Feed URL.
To limit the number of distinct days that are shown on the activity log, add a "&maxdays=X" parameter, where X is the number of days you want to show:
To limit the age of activity that is shown, add a "&maxage=X" parameter, where X is the number of days old an activity entry can be:
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