This customisation is now obsolete, as SmugMug extended the maximum number of keywords in a keyword block to 10,000.
The default SmugMug "keywords" block (shown on your page when you visit has an upper limit of 255 keywords displayed. If you have more keywords than that, you'll see an unpredictable selection of only 255 of them.
This customisation allows you to increase that limit to 10,000 keywords by adding a "feeds block" to your page which uses my server to help create a list of keywords from your site's sitemap.


Because the list is built using your sitemap, there are several caveats to keep in mind. Only keywords from galleries which have "web searchable" turned on will show up in the keyword list. I'm not sure how often SmugMug updates your sitemap, but from what I've seen, it's likely that the keyword list will be at least one week out of date.


In the SmugMug customiser, add a "Socal / Feed" content block to your page. Set the title to something (like "Keywords"), set Show Title and Show Date to "off", and Show Description to "on". For the feed URL, paste this into the box:
At the end of that link (after where it says "url="), paste a link to your SmugMug site on the end. For example, for my site it would be:


To allow the list of keywords to stretch to fill the page width, add this CSS code as a CSS content block on your page:
If you want to hide the normal default SmugMug keyword cloud, then add this as a CSS block on the same page:
If you've added this extended keyword cloud to your /keyword page, it'll also appear at the top of each keyword gallery you view. You can hide it by adding this CSS:
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