Rounded corners for photos - Sherlock Photography
You can round the corners of various photo elements on your SmugMug site, to give it a softer, more organic feel. Just pick the code below for the elements you want rounded. If you want it to be applied to every page on your site, add it to your theme's CSS. To apply it to just one page, add it to a CSS block on that page.
Want to round it more? Round it less? Just change the "border radius" from the 8 pixel setting in the code below to a smaller or larger number. What's that "-webkit-mask-image" business all about? That fixes the corners randomly not appearing, particularly in Safari.

Thumbnails inside a SmugMug-style gallery

The main image of a SmugMug-style gallery

Images inside Collage Landscape or Collage Portrait galleries

Images displayed in the lightbox

Images in a "Multiple Photos" block

Image in a "Single Photo" block

Images in a slideshow block

Attempt to round nearly every image on your site

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